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Why Is LeBron's Akron Pep Rally Celebrated?

During the summer of 2010, LeBron James went from everyone's favorite player to one of the most hated players in the league. Some of the reasons why LeBron was hated is because 1) he left to join forces with 2 other great players, 2) LeBron left the "wrong" way and chose Miami of all places, and finally 3) the pep rally the big 3 had.

As we all know some of the quotes from the pep rally were not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7. This quote was used the most in order to vilify LeBron and the big 3. Some quotes that weren't used that were even worse than the quote before was, we could get Pat Riley to play.

Fast forward 4 summers later, LeBron gives himself a pep rally in Akron, Ohio. This caused no buzz, no news worthy items, nothing. Because everyone ate up the I'm coming home story line everything LeBron does seems to be the right thing.

During this Akron pep rally LeBron has said things like I don't plan on going anywhere and if he wins a championship with Cleveland it will be the biggest accomplishment of his life.

Obviously this is all so fake. LeBron James has lied to fans before. LeBron had said he couldn't imagine leaving Miami. In the video I showed LeBron basically says I'm not going to do what makes me happy, I'm going to do what makes my city and state happy. LeBron is pandering to these fans and is trying to make this all about home when its really not all about home. Returning to Cleveland helps out LeBron public perception, increase his brand, and makes him the likeable guy again. Not to mention the power that LeBron has getting the Cavs organization to sign people who LeBron wants like Mike Miller and James Jones.

In LeBron's letter he failed to mention Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett. LeBron's power just doesn't come from signing free agents, LeBron can also have enough pull to trade the last 2 #1 overall picks in the draft.

Everything LeBron has done this offseason is really similar to what he did in the summer of 2010, yet this one is praised throughout the whole country. Let's make everything equal and start giving LeBron grief for his actions this summer.