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Orlando Scandrick Suspended 4 Games For "Molly"

For Cowboys fans, this will be some bad news. Arguable the best player on the Cowboy defense Orlando Scandrick has been suspended for 4 game for the use of ecstasy or "Molly". Scandrick has said he took this while on a vacation in Mexico and has said he did not know this was on the banned substance list.

Even with the talented Orlando Scandrick, the Dallas Cowboy defense is probably the worst in football. So with the absence of Scandrick, that is more weight you have to put on Tony Romo's back while he carries this team for yet another season.

Their might be a bright side to this suspension as crazy as it sounds. This suspension will give Morris Claiborne a chance to start and will give people the opportunity to determine whether or not he is a good player.

What do you think of the Scandrick suspension? Is this a kiss of death of the Cowboys defense or can they patch it up until he comes back?