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ESPN Suspends Dan Le Batard For His Billboards

A couple days ago, Dan Le Batard bought a couple of humors billboards in the Akron area. The billboard had 2 championship ring and said you're welcome LeBron from Miami. This was not meant as a jealous person because LeBron left Miami for Cleveland. The point of this billboard was just meant for laughs.

It turns out ESPN wasn't laughing. What they did was suspend Le Batard for two days Thursday and Friday. ESPN had said that Dan LeBatard did not give them any notice but Dan was talking about his plan all over ESPN radio for a couple of days. The ESPN executives did not listen to any part of Le Batard's radio show which is on nationally for 3 hours.

Also on the radio, Dan Le Batard had pointed out that the billboard was not the only part of the equation. What he said was it's not even the appetizer, it's the free bread. So with ESPN suspending Dan Le Batard for what he calls the free bread, what are they going to do when Dan's plan reveals itself on Friday?

What do you think, was ESPN unfair to suspending Dan Le Batard for billboards?