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Should The Pacers Tank The Season?

Last Season, the Indiana Pacers were in the east conference finals against the Miami Heat. Unfortunately they drew the short end of the straw and lost to the Miami Heat. In the offseason, the Pacers haven't made a big splash acquiring any big name free agents. What they did was lose their second best player in Lance Stephenson and now their best player Paul George is probably out for the season.

Now Should the Pacers tank the season or continue to play with the current roster they have? Well if they were to continue to play with the current roster the argument that could be made is fairly easy, they are n the eastern conference. Nate Silver and his people over at fivethirtyeight projected the Pacers to be 44-38 in last years playoffs that would be the 6/7 seed.

The other argument you can make is they should tank the season and build around Paul George next offseason. David West is on the last year of his deal, George Hill is not a good starting point guard, and Roy Hibbert is lost at the moment. The Pacers could trade whatever pieces interest teams then get a high draft pick to pair with the returning Paul George.

What do you think the Pacers should do, stay as is or tank the season?