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Dan Le Batard Having Fun With Cleveland Fans

The biggest news story of the NBA offseason has been LeBron James returning home. When LeBron first left Cleveland in the summer of 2010, a lot of people had sympathy for the Cleveland Cavalier fans because the city of Cleveland is supposedly a very passionate sports town.

When LeBron made his decision to "go back home", there was absolutely no sympathy for the Miami sports town. We see respected journalist like Michael Wilbon give the city of Miami no compassion and made fun of the Miami Heat fans saying things like they don't deserve LeBron because they show up late to games.

Dan Le Batard who is probably considered the best journalist in Miami has been the loudest voice in Miami. However his voice has not been heard with accuracy, fans portray his voce as a hurt Miami heat fan that is upset with LeBron James. The first day of LeBrons decision to go to Cleveland, Le Batard was applauding his decision and had no problem with LeBron using his power get what he wants.

Recently, Dan Le Batard has been on the radio sharing an idea made from a sports morning show down in Miami, where they would make an ad to LeBron James saying you're welcome from the Miami fans. Dan Le Batard took it to the next level, getting quotes from the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Akron Beacon Journal on how much a full page ad would cost.

Le Batard got a quote from the Akron Beacon Journal but the Cleveland Plain Dealer as Le Batard would say stuck out their chest and wanted nothing to do with Le Batard's offer to poke fun a LeBron James. Later on that day, the Akron Beacon Journal has announced that they wont accept any offer by Le Batard. The funny thing was, Dan Le Batard did not place an offer or had a full page ad ready, they were only in the preliminary stage.

The result of this was fans and different media outlets such as blogs were incorrectly telling the story saying the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Akron Beacon Journal declined Le Batard's offer but Le Batard did not place a single offer.

Dan Le Batard has been saying he is doing this for fun and doesn't understand people being so passionate about their sports considering Cleveland hasn't won anything in over 50 years.

What do you think of Le Batard's ploy in poking at the Cleveland fans?