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Is Conor McGregor A Star?

With so many UFC events, it is very tough to create a UFC star. This week the UFC has two events one on Wednesday featuring Donald Cerrone vs. Jim Miller, and one on Saturday featuring Conor Mcgregor vs. Diego Brandao. Just from the aspect of most entertaining fight, Donald Cerrone vs. Jim Miller should be the choice this week. However, the Conor McGregor card in Dublin in the more intriguing card because of the "star power" of McGregor.

Conor McGregor has generated a lot of buzz because of his demeanor and his trash talking ability. Conor has called out everyone from Dustin Proier, Diego Sanchez, Cub Swanson, and even featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Now obviously with two fights in the UFC McGragor has not "deserved" all the hype he has been getting.

Conor McGregor has took some of the things that make Floyd Mayweather so marketable, make people hate you, get people to watch you win/lose, and remain undefeated. So far, McGregor has done most of that. Some of the things that McGregor does different is 1) Floyd Mayweather has the resume to back up what he is doing, and 2) Mayweather's fans is about 50% people who love him and 50% who want him to lose. So far in his career, McGregor probably has the majority or people who just want him to lose.

A boxer that could be comparable to McGregor right now would be Adrien Broner (before the Marcos Maidana fight). Broner wanted to market himself as the next Mayweather, had an undefeated record, and everyone wanted him to lose. After his lose to Marcos Maidana, Broner had to take a step back and lay low.

Conor McGregor needs to continue to keep winning to keep his star power because if he loses, he wont be headlining cards in Dublin any more but instead will be brought up slow giving McGragor lesser competition. Saturday will be the first fight for Conor since he tore his ACL against Max Holloway. So Saturday will tell us which direction McGregor is headed.