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Why Free Agency Proved That We Know Nothing

NBA free agency has been going on for 14 days. There hasn't been much news in free agency because everyone was waiting on what the star players would go and who might follow them. As everyone knows, first reported by sports illustrated, LeBron James has said he is coming home, which means he will be a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron in addition of making his announcement, wrote a piece on sports illustrated taking about how he made is decision (it is a must read).

For the last couple of days, we have heard numerous reporters try and get a story out first using "sources say ..." The majority of the information we had received from these reporters were lies leaked out by the person telling these lies. We first got the report that Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade were taking pay cuts to about 10-12 million so that the Miami Heat could make room for Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry. Now obviously, that report among numerous reports were false because someone wants to be the first one to break news first.

Even some of the best reporters had bad information or hedged their bets, ESPN's Chris Broussard, was leaning toward LeBron going to the Cavaliers even saying he was 85% sure that LeBron was going to Cleveland. Later after we see Dwayne Wade in Vegas with LeBron, Broussard sent out a tweet saying it might not be 85% anymore. You could have taken it that the percentage was higher or lower. Now today on SportsCenter, after LeBron had made his decision to go to Cleveland by writing a heartfelt letter, Broussard looked at his phone and broke "BREAKING NEWS" that LeBron is going back to Cleveland. I guess it wasn't official until Chris Broussard broke the news.

We even see reporters like Stephen A. Smith hedge his bets by going on Mike and Mike in the morning practically guaranteeing that LeBron is going back to Cleveland but hedged his bets by saying unless someone is lying to me. To me that is the ultimate hedge.

For journalism right now, it's not about how many times you are wrong, it's about who gets it first. Jorge Sadano of ESPN broke news by going to the Miami airports to see if Dan Gilbert's plane landed in Miami. He also conveniently was near LeBron's house and "reported" that there were moving truck in LeBron's house. Journalism used to be that you checked multiple sources and made sure the information was correct, now anybody can be a journalist as long as you have a camera.

What we should take away from this free agency period is a lot of these reporters will try and be first no matter the cost. To me the best guys during this free agency period has been ESPN's Brian Windhorst, and Fox Sports/Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski because they didn't try and rush us with numerous reports but to give us accurate reports.

What are your thoughts on the reporting of this free agency?