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End Of An Era, Thank You B.J. Penn For Everything

Yesterday, we witnessed the end of the legendary career of B.J. Penn when B.J. returned after a 18 month layoff. B.J. got the opponent of his choice in Frankie Edgar because B.J. had lost twice to Edgar. This time it was different because B.J. had to drop to 145 pounds in order to fight Edgar and B.J. agreed.

On Saturday during the weigh , B.J. looked like he had not problem making 145 and during those weigh in, B.J. had the most support from the crowd. Unfortunately this is where the story is going to have a terrible ending. The fight yesterday did not live up to the hype of B.J. returning. What we saw from B.J. was another athlete that lost their fight with father time. At no point in the fight did I have I feeling of, yes B.J. has a chance. What I saw instead was a dominant performance from Frankie Edgar and sealed the fate of the legendary career of B.J. Penn.

B.J. Penn has been a pioneer in the sport for a very long time. When people look back on B.J.'s career they will look at his record and think why is he so important or why is he going into the UFC Hall of Fame? well it's simple really, B.J.'s impact on the sport has been more than wins and losses. B.J. Penn is probably the main reason why the lightweight division is the glamour division in the UFC.

B.J. Penn's career will be looked at in many ways. In one point of view, we will look at B.J. as a fighter that wanted to fight at the highest level. B.J. fought guys like Renzo Gracie and Rodrigo Gracie at Middleweight, and a 225 pound Lyoto Machida. In those fights B.J. challenged himself and wanted to just compete and that's why we see the fans clamor over B.J. Penn.

Another point of view we see B.J. is how come we didn't see the animal that we saw during his dominance in the 155 pound division? How come B.J. kept going back up to Welterweight? The B.J. Penn era from fighting Jens Pulver, Joe Stevenson, and Sean Sherk then against Kenny Florian and Diego Sanchez was the best we have seen from almost any fighter. In a couple of years even though he has such a legendary career, you could make the argument that B.J. didn't reach his full potential.

No matter what point of view you view B.J. as there's one thing in common, there is no doubting the greatness that is B.J. Penn. Still to this day B.J. Penn remain 1 of only two fighter to hold belts in two different weight classes.

B.J. Penn has been my favorite fighter for a long time and I would like to thank B.J. Penn for everything that he has done.

What will you remember about B.J. Penn?