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Why Derrick Rose Won't Be The Star If Carmelo Is A Bull

Well, its the first day of free agency and what every basketball fan wants to know is what players are going to my favorite team. For certain fans, the likelihood is that you wont be getting a superstar player on your team this season. For other fans, one superstar player could turn your team from a playoff team to a title contender. Teams like the Chicago Bulls fit that mold. The Bulls are one of the best defensive teams run by Tom Thibodeau. For most fans, they feel Carmelo, along with all of their other players could make a run, beat the Miami Heat, and possibly win the championship.

One Person who might not want that to happen is the point guard of the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose. Why I say that Derrick Rose doesn't want that to happen is because if Carmelo signs with the Bulls and they win the championship, Carmelo Anthony will be the face of the Chicago Bulls organization. Right now, even without playing basketball for 2 seasons Derrick Rose (you could argue Noah is) is the face of the Bulls organization because he is the quiet humble kid and is a Chicago kid.

If Carmelo were to sign with the Bulls, he will give them something they haven't seen in years, a prolific scorer. You could make the argument that Carmelo is the best scorer in the league because he can shoot the ball along with going in the post. Signing with the Bulls would make Carmelo their best scorer and their best post player.

Derrick Rose has said that he wont recruit free agents in a time where every team is trying to recruit players to join their team including Rose's teammate Joakim Noah. Rose has been on the record saying that he won't recruit but he has been on the record saying he would rather have Kevin Love than Carmelo Anthony. Why Rose would rather have Love than Carmelo can be for a couple reasons. 1) Kevin Love can give you scoring along with high number of rebounds. and 2) Kevin Love is a good player but wont have the star power nessary that would dethrone Rose as the face of the franchise.

Tell me what you think, would Rose not want Carmelo on his team because of the risk that he might take over the franchise?  

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