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Chael Sonnen Fired by Fox and Cut by the UFC due to PED's

Over the last couple of days, the biggest news in MMA has been the 2nd failed test by UFC Middleweight/ Light Heavyweight Chael Sonnen. The UFC has been in a controversy led by 3 people in Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva, and Vitor Belfort. Vitor Belfort had failed a random drug test due to testosterone. Wanderlei Silva was suppose to take a random drug test but evaded the test and later said he didn't take the random drug test because of a diuretic.

At that time Chael Sonnen was working with Fox Sports 1 and he has been critical of Wanderlei while sounding like supporting Vitor because they were both scheduled to fight each other.

For the first failed drug test, Chael Sonnen tested positive for anastrozole and clomiphene which was used for fertility issues and also to control the side effects of getting off his testosterone replacement therapy. Chael went on Fox Sports 1 to explain what he did and why he did it. Although he didn't explain it very well he later on explained himself better and got some people to take his side.

His most recent failed test Chael Sonnen tested positive for HGH, EPO, and hCG. Now with these three drugs, there is no acceptable excuse you can make except for I am a cheater, I tried to get an edge. Chael Sonnen has been good at making excuses, let's see if he can get himself out of this one.

Since failing his second drug test, Fox Sports 1 has fired Chael Sonnen. Also the UFC has parted ways with Chael Sonnen from their broadcast services and cut him from the UFC roster.

What do you make of this Chael Sonnen situation? can he talk himself out of this one?