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Should The NBA Get Rid Of The Max Contract?

The biggest problem that people seem to have about the NBA is how players are working together and forming super teams. This all started with the Miami Heat with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. Now other teams are trying to copy that strategy like the Houston Rockets with Dwight Howard, James Harden and they are trying to get another big name.

The latest rumor from the Miami Heat takes this to a whole other level. The latest rumor is that LeBron, Wade, and Bosh will be taking major discounts so that the Miami heat can make room for another all-star player, Carmelo Anthony.  

One of the reasons why this could happen is because the NBA has a maximum contract. For the best player in the world like LeBron James, he can makes the maximum somewhere in the 20 million range. So sacrificing a couple million so that he can team up with other star player would be a good idea for him especially when he can make a lot of money in endorsements such as Samsung, Sprite, Nike, etc.

What would happen if the NBA got rid of it's maximum contract? This would probably solve players from teaming together and forming super teams and as a result of this would have more parody in the NBA.

Let's look at the this scenario when it comes to James, Bosh, Wade, and Anthony. For the rules of the NBA right now, their maximum contract would start off somewhere in the 20 million dollar range. What is being talked about is all 4 players take a pay cut to about 12-13 million dollars. If we add up the amount of money they would be sacrificing it would be somewhere in the 9-10 million dollars minimum per season. For players like LeBron, they would be willing to sacrifice money if it gets them to their goals which is winning championships.

Now let's take a look if there was no maximum contract in the NBA. If there was no max and we were conservative, teams would have no problem offering LeBron somewhere in the 35 million dollar range. Other player wouldn't command LeBron money, so let's say they get somewhere in the neighborhood of 28 million dollars.

To start of with, unless these players takes a one year deal (which is unlikely) they would get a three year contract, so that they would get bird rights. If we take the proposed idea from earlier which was each player takes a salary between 12-13 million dollars, they would be sacrificing somewhere in the 15 million dollar range and for three years it would total 45 million.

Now under the rule of no maximum contract, players could obviously still sacrifice and take a pay cut. To ask a player that is in the middle of their prime to take a pay cut somewhere in the 45 million dollar range for three years to team together is a very tough ask.

So what do you think, Should the NBA get rid of it's maximum contract?