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Is Ruslan Provodnikov Overrated?

Last Saturday night, Ruslan Provodnikov lost his WBO title to Chris Algieri. Provodnikov started out very strong knocking Algieri down with a shot to the eye that swelled up immediately. Also in the first round, Algieri was knocked down again, thus Algieri lost the first round 10-7. Throughout the rest of the fight, Algieri weathered the storm of the 1st round and out boxed Provodnikov for the majority of the fight earning himself a split decision victory.

So with Provodnikov losing against a relatively unknown boxer in Algieri, has the boxing media overrated Provodnikov?

When the boxing media talks about Ruslan Provodnikov led by HBO hype man Max Kellerman, what they talk about is how much of an animal Provodnikov is. We saw that in the 1st round but after Algieri took his punches and out boxed Provodnikov. After his loss, Provodnikov even admitted that he cant box with boxers but would rather fighter guys that will stand and trade with him.

Provodnikov's admission is good in theory but not everyone gets to fight the style they want. For an elite boxer, they must be able to fight both a pure boxer and a brawler. So to answer the question Provodnikov was overrated by the media because he was portrayed as the Russian Rocky but was tamed by Chris Algieri

Tell me what you think, is Ruslan Provodnikov overrated?