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Is HBO Getting Lazy With Boxing Coverage?

This past Saturday, HBO aired two fights between Nonito Donaire vs. Simpiwe Vetyeka located in Macau China and Carl Froch vs. George Groves 2 located in London England. For both fights instead of having the commentary crew (which consist of Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman, and Roy Jones Jr.) call the fight at the live venue. What they did was to call the fight from a dark empty room in Vegas. So from Vegas they called the fights happening in England and in China. So the question is, is HBO getting lazy with their boxing coverage?

Well there is no doubt that that what they did this weekend was lazy on HBO's behalf. What they could have done was to have the regular commentary crew go to one location and have a different commentary crew call the fight of the other location. Anything would be better than what they did Saturday night.

Something else HBO has done wrong is not airing good fights. One of HBO's top boxing star is Gennady Golovkin or known to many boxing fans as GGG. For Golovkin's last fight against Osumanu Adama, HBO didn't even air that fight. For such a talent that GGG is to HBO they should at least air his fight.

Showtime boxing since acquiring the talents of Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been vastly superior in with the amount of quality boxing that they compared to what HBO has. Showtime has aired more fight including multiple tripleheaders, while HBO gives us 1 good fight per card.

So tell me what you think, is HBO getting lazy with their boxing coverage?