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Is Kevin Durant Too Nice?

Yesterday, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder were eliminated from the western conference finals to the San Antonio Spurs. During this game the Thunder points only had 5 players score for them. The only point where Kevin Durant showed some emotion is when Reggie Jackson called a timeout when he was trying to inbound the ball. So the question is, is Kevin Durant too nice?

When watching the Thunder play, it looks like Russell Westbrook is the heart and soul of the team. Westbrook calls out teammates and even calls out Kevin Durant when he repeatedly told him to wake up.

Kevin Durant at times has a hard time of getting open and so when he thinks he's open he wants the ball but instead watches as Russell Westbrook takes another shot.

We have seen superstars past and present like a Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and even LeBron James demand the ball. Kevin Durant has lacked that "Give me the ball" attitude and goes with the flow. In order for the Oklahoma City Thunder to take another step first they need another big man and second they need Kevin Durant to have that "give me the ball" mentality.

So what do you think is Kevin Durant too nice?