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Should We Get Rid of the Draft Lottery?

Yesterday we found out that the Cleveland Cavaliers had won the draft lottery again. Every year, after the NBA draft lottery, there is always a conspiracy theory. If the Lakers of Celtics won the lottery, there would have been criticism on Adam Silver that he gave one of the most prestigious franchise's the number one overall pick. With all the commotion on the draft lottery, should we just get rid of it altogether?

This past NBA season a lot of people in the media would always mention that the Philadelphia 76ers were going to tank the season so they could get the most ping pong balls. Leading this charge was Bill Simmons. Bill would always use the word "tank" when mentioning the 76ers. Even losing more than 20 games in a row, you would think that the 76ers had the worst record in the league but actually the Milwaukee Bucks had the worst record in the league. Evidently, no one ever pointed the finger at the Bucks for "tanking" but were quick to mention the 76ers. So all this tanking stuff is just overrated.

The NBA should just use the model that other sports league uses, worst team gets the best pick and best team gets worst pick. Only the NBA has these conspiracy theories. In the NFL the Colts did not get that much slack for being the worst team in the league to get Andrew Luck. The Texans went from one of the best teams in the AFC to being the worst team in the league and no one said a word.

The NBA has been trying to come up with this perfect plan to make teams try harder and win games. That isn't going to happen, people have been trying to give their theories on how to fix the lottery and their ideas haven't been genius. Just keep it simple and get rid of the lottery and give the worst team the first pick.

What do you think, should we get rid of the draft lottery?