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Are The Charles Barkley San Antonio Women Comments Funny or Out of line

Monday night, the TNT inside the NBA crew will be in San Antonio for game 1 of the western conference finals. The star of the show Charles Barkley has a history with the people of San Antonio. For those who don't know, Charles Barkley has been making fun of San Antonio saying that the river walk is nothing but a dirty little creek and that they have a lot of big women down in San Antonio. (here is a clip)

So the question that presents itself today is, are the San Antonio women comments made by Charles Barkley Funny or out of line? Well to me I think that the notion of getting mad at Charles Barkley because of the comments he made shouldn't be necessary. If you read the transcript of Charles Barkley's comments they would seem bad but after watching the video you can easily tell that he is joking around and is not being serious. (Here is a response by Charles Barkley on the critics)

In todays time, we have to watch what we say because no matter who we are talking about there is always a group of people that will protest and get angry at the comments someone makes.

Tell me what you think, are Charles Barkley's San Antonio comments funny or not?