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Is It Time To Criticize The "Nice" Guys?

In the sports media, they love to pick and choose who they want to criticize and who they want to praise. After deciding to go to the Miami heat, LeBron James was the poster child for criticism. When he ultimately failed in the first year against the Dallas Mavericks the media criticism kept piling on and on until the criticism stopped when he won back to back championships.

When LeBron was no longer the subject of criticism, the media took there sights on a different target such as Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony has been getting criticized ultimately because he isn't LeBron James. Carmelo Anthony is arguably the best scorer in the world and he gets criticized because he does not pass the ball like LeBron James. His playoff career always gets questioned except for the 1 year he made it to the conference finals but the media just treats it like an outlier. The criticism for Carmelo Anthony will not stop until he wins a championship.

Right now, the player in the NBA that gets criticized the most is Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is a top 10 basketball player but doesn't get the respect as a top 10 player. Every time the Oklahoma City Thunder lose a playoff game, the sports media always finds a way to point the finger at Russell Westbrook, even if it wasn't his fault.

The players that I mentioned previously have all been targeted by the sports media and have been criticized a lot. Here are a list of players that deserve criticism but for some reason the sports media chooses not to criticize them.

Kevin Durant; During the playoffs this year, Kevin Durant has not been playing like someone who just won the MVP. Kevin Durant has had games where he has struggled and because of that his team loses. The next day, Kevin Durant seems to get none of the blame but instead his teammate Russell Westbrook, gets all of the blame. Earlier this week in game 5 of the western conference semifinals against the Clippers, Kevin Durant turned away and sat on the opposite side of the court, while his teammate Russell Westbrook hits 3 free throws that would win the game for the Thunder. The reaction the next day was radio silent. If LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, or even his teammate Russell Westbrook had done what Kevin Durant did, they would be crushed by the media but since it's the "humble" Kevin Durant the media does not criticize him.

Chris Paul; This year is the first time Chris Paul has won a game in the second round of the playoffs. Carmelo Anthony has gotten so much criticism because he only made it out the first round once and that was when he went to the western conference finals. Chris Paul has never went to the western conference finals and so far nobody is calling him out on it. Game 5 of the western conference semifinals Chris Paul tuned the ball over and over and lost the game. The media took there attention towards the officials because of a "controversial" call instead of saying what really happened which was Chris Paul choked.

The media seem to pick and choose who they want to criticize based on if they like a person or not. Kevin Durant seems to be a nice guy and people saw that with his emotional speech during his MVP speech. the ones who get criticize are the one that people are not as fond about and that isn't fair. Let's call it down the middle and call out people when they need to be called out.     

What do you guys think is Chris Paul and Kevin Durant getting a pass?