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Who Should Mayweather Fight In September?

Almost two weeks ago, Floyd Mayweather successfully defended his title by beating Marcos Maidana. This fight was very close but with Maidana slowing down and Mayweather making his adjustments, Mayweather took the late rounds and had enough points to win a decision against Maidana.

Now the question is who should Floyd Mayweather fight in September. There are several choices to pick from none of which will be Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley or anyone under the HBO/Top Rank banner. Here are some of the options for Mayweather.

Marcos Maidana; Maidana put up a very competitive fight against Mayweather but other than people who was rooting for Maidana, the majority of people had Mayweather winning. A rematch could be made and would generate a lot of buzz. Right now, there is no need to rush a decision for a rematch, Mayweather has this fight as his back up plan in case no other fight emerges.    

Keith Thurman; Keith Thurman coming off his impressive performance against Julio Diaz, is becoming one of the most dangerous welterweights in the division. Keith Thurman's stock is on the rise but he has not fought the premier level fighters yet and they might cost him a Mayweather fight.

Amir Khan; Amir Khan looked really good against Luis Collazo (albeit dirty). Khan has been chasing for the Mayweather fight for some time and thinks his elite speed can cause Mayweather problems. Amir's problem is in late June through july he has to take part in Ramadan where he would fast everyday during that time period. Khan has been on the record saying that he wont be ready to fight in September but he would be ready in October-November. SO the only chance he has is if Mayweather decides to move from the September date, which is unlikely.

Miguel Cotto; Miguel Cotto has fought Floyd Mayweather before and has had success against him. Cotto is scheduled to fight Sergio Martinez on June 7th for Martinez's Middleweight world title. Assuming Cotto beats MArtinez this could be potentially the biggest fight you can make because their first fight generated a lot of money and also Cotto's Middleweight title would be attractive to MAyweather in winning another world title in a different division.     

So, tell me what you think , who should Floyd Mayweather fight next?