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Adonis Stevenson: Smart Business Man or Scared Boxer

Last week the biggest news that happened in the boxing world was that Adonis Stevenson was leaving HBO and taking his talents to Showtime. With the move to Showtime, this kills the potential fight between Adonis Stevenson and Sergey Kovalev. there was two ways to look at this scenario 1) was to give the fans a big fight that everyone wanted or 2) was to take the money and run. So the question is did Adonis do the right thing?

If Adonis had stayed with HBO there was probably two or three fights interesting fights that people wanted to see. obviously the Sergey Kovalev fight is #1 and the other two are a Jean Pascal fight and if he moved up in weight a Andre Ward fight but as we all know in boxing the dream fights that we all want don't happen right away. After the move to Showtime people proclaimed that Stevenson was ducking Kovalev.

With the move to Showtime Adonis Stevenson will be making more money than he did with HBO. HBO could have decided to match the Showtime offer but was cheap and decided not to match. Adonis Stevenson's next opponent is going to be Andrzej Fonfara (who is a relative unknown) but with a victory can have a potential fall fight with the top light heavyweight in the world Bernard Hopkins , should he win his fight in April.

To answer the question about Adonis Stevenson, Paulie Malignaggi said it best when he was arguing with Keith Thurman "this is prize fighting we fight for money' if HBO really loved the fight they should have matched and given the money Showtime was offering. So in my mind he did the right thing.

Tell me what you think Should Adonis Stevenson stayed with HBO or moved to Showtime?