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Top 5 Personalities on ESPN

ESPN is the biggest sports media outlet right now. ESPN has many analyst covering multiple sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, MMA, etc. They also have various television shows talking about all of these sports. All of these shows have a number of personalities that talk about it. Some are hated and some are loved so here are my top 5 personalities on ESPN.

5) Cris Carter: Cris Carter is an NFL analyst and we see him mostly on the Monday night football pre-show. I put him on my top 5 because I like his style and I especially like him when he does his c' mon segment. Recently he has been in the news because of his criticism towards the Seattle Seahawks and he was right on the money. (here is a clip of Cris Carter's come on man segment) 

4) Jeff Van Gundy: Jeff Van Gundy is a NBA commentator and occasionally touches on NBA topics. Out of all the NBA commentators that ESPN has, Jeff is the most entertaining and lets his feelings known when he doesn't like something. One thing he does is sometimes he will sometimes throw out a rule that he thinks should happen. (here is a clip of Jeff Van Gundy's commentating)  

3) Tony Kornheiser: Many people will know Tony from his work with the ESPN TV show Pardon The Interruption. Tony also has a radio show on ESPN 980 where he just talks about what's going on in the city of Washington and things about his life. Tony sounds like an old curmudgeon and it is just great. I enjoy Tony more from his radio show then PTI because you get to know who he really is. (Here is a clip of Tony Kornheiser) 

2) Frank Caliendo: Frank Caliendo is known in the sports world for his impression of different people. Since arriving on ESPN Frank has done multiple impersonations of his ESPN colleagues like Mel Kiper and Jon Gruden. The best video that he has from ESPN is when he made a mockumentary about Richard Sherman and he will be different people talking. (video will be shown below).

1) Gonzalo LeBatard: Gonzalo is best known for being Papi on the TV show Dan LeBatard is highly questionable. Gonzalo brings a presence that is good for ESPN and for the viewers watching. Gonzalo talks about what is on his mind no matter how silly it sounds, raps, and occasionally places fake bets on sporting events. (here is a video of the best ESPN personality on ESPN)

Tell me what you think. Who is your top 5 ESPN personalities?