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Did We Overrate Paul George

After last season in the eastern conference finals, we had dubbed Paul George a superstar in the making because of what he did against the Miami Heat. Even though in that series Roy Hibbert was the biggest mismatch, Paul George he gotten most of the credit. The Paul George hype train carried through this season. In the first couple of months, Paul George had played great and he was getting a lot of praise. Now Paul George is not playing like he was in the beginning of the year, so now I present the question did we overrate Paul George too soon?

I think that we did overrate Paul George. It started with the eastern conference finals and we needed a storyline of how the heat were struggling against the Pacers and we made Paul George a superstar just because of the series. We had him as a top 5 player in the league when actually he might not be a top 10 player.

Today the Indiana Pacers played the New York Knicks. This is the first game the Knicks have played with Phil Jackson as their President. In this game Paul George had a rough game going 4-17 for 17 points. Carmelo was going after Paul George and most of the time scoring on his end.

In the sports media they usually overrate a lot of things, we all know what ESPN did what the Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow storyline. They gave us the story every second of everyday until we got sick of the story and than we hated the story. The Indiana Pacers are sort of on that boat but not really because they are the Pacers, meaning they are not a hot enough story to play over and over again. So the media has overrated Paul George but hasn't overrated him to exhaustion.

Paul George is a good player but how many players would you have over George? To me I would have LeBron, Durant, Melo, Harden, Chris Paul, Westbrook, maybe Howard and those are just names out of the top of my head.      

So what do you think, Is Paul George Overrated? leave your comments below.