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Why Nick Diaz Should Get A Title Shot

This past Saturday, we crowned a new UFC welterweight champion in Johny Hendricks. With George St. Pierre taking time off, he vacated his title and Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler fought for that vacant title. Both fighters put on a great show trying to win the UC belt. Lawler hurt Hendricks many times but Hendricks took the shots and gave Lawler shots of his own to win the title.

Now the question now is who should be next in line for the Welterweight title? Here are some contenders that have a claim at the Welterweight title. 1) Tyron Woodley, 2) Hector Lombard, 3) Rory Macdonald. All of these fighters have a claim in the title picture but here is my argument that Nick Diaz should be next in line for the Welterweight title.

All of the Welterweight contenders besides Nick Diaz and Rory Macdonald showcased themselves on the UFC 171 card. Hector Lombard dominated Jake Shields but played it safe at the end and didn't win impressively. Tyron Woodley beat Carlos Condit via leg kick but Condit hurt his other knee in the process causing the fight to end. Even though Woodley finished Condit it left a bad taste in our mouths because an injury stopped the fight. This situation was similar to the Anderson Silva-Chris Weidman 2 fight.

So to me this now leaves Nick Diaz and Rory Macdonald. There are 2 different scenarios we could look at. 1) who deserves it? out of the 2 fighters Rory deserves it over Diaz with his win over Maia. 2) what fights attracts more people and more dollars? That's easy, even without the title, Nick Diaz is the biggest PPV draw in the Welterweight division.

In the UFC we have seen before that its not always about who deserves it, sometimes its about who gets more people to watch and how many people buy the PPV. To me, Nick Diaz gives Johny Hendricks a more difficult challenge because of his boxing skill and his amazing ground game. Rory has the same type of skill as GSP with the wrestling and good jab but a lot of people thought Hendricks already beat GSP.