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Why the NFL's Racial Slur Penalty Won't Work

The NFL has talked about a rule that would give players a 15 yard penalty if the use a racial slur. The racial slur in particular that they are targeting is the N-word. This rule will come in place due to the Jonathan Martin situation and also from the Michael Sam situation. It sounds good on paper but here are reasons why it will not work.

How do referees handle it when a player does use the N-word? will they go number 88 offense N-word 15 yard penalty automatic first down. Also when these things happen what if the referee calls the wrong number and we think that player is a "racist" Another thought is to gain a competitive advantage what if a player just yells out the N-word and accuses the opposing team what would happen then?

With Michael Sam coming into the NFL, there are no rules on the homophobic F-word. So while the N-word is not ok, players can use the homophobic F-word to Sam without consequence. Although the NFL rule may sound like it's about racial slurs it's all about the N-word. What about the different racial slurs out there? do the referees have the racial vocabulary to know what are the racial slurs? these things must be looked at before we immediately institute a rule. 

Why is the NFL coming with the rule anyhow. There has not been any outcry to ban any language in the NFL. The NFL has microphones on certain players and those things don't leak out. To me it just seems like the NFL is trying to show their power by telling the players what they can and cannot say. 

Over the past couple of days we have heard people say that the N-word now is a term of endearment but somehow the NFL isn't buying that. This is the exact reasoning Roger Goodell gave when talking about the name "Redskin"  the majority of Native Americans believe that "redskin" is a racial slur so until the NFL gets rid of the name redskin they should leave it alone.

Tell me what you think about this new rule.

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