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Al Bernstein Changing The Boxing Media

When we get our boxing news, most likely we will get them from an article on a site. Sometimes we will get YouTube videos from people who are not journalist but just stick a camera in someone's face and kiss up to whoever their video taping. In 2014, boxing should evolve to the multimedia world instead of just staying in the print world. In the MMA world, the media uses both the print and the multimedia side. Ariel Helwani, who is known as being the best MMA journalist has a weekly show where it is streamed live and he has different guest to talk about themselves or an upcoming fight. Just recently someone in the boxing world started going into the multimedia world Al Bernstein. Yes Al Bernstein.

For those who don't know, Al Bernstein is apart of the commentary crew on Showtime. Bernstein along with Mauro Ranallo, and Paulie Malignaggi makes boxing's number 1 commentary crew beating out HBO. What Bernstein is doing is that every couple of weeks or so or after a Showtime boxing card, Al Bernstein would have a live Google chat talking about a fight interviewing different boxing people and even answering fan questions.

Boxing isn't a mainstream sport where we talk about it everyday. Occasionally there will be a story every couple of days and when we do its a news article. Another thing that the boxing media should copy from the MMA media is they should have a roundtable with the combat sport journalist and talk about certain topics.

all the top boxing journalist like Kevin Iole Chris Mannix and everybody over at ESPN don't really do anything outside of writing there stories except ESPN has a Making The Rounds segment but it's only for a couple of minutes.

Al Bernstein is doing a great thing and hopefully this will catch on with different boxing writers. Tell me what you think about the Boxing media do you like just the print side or would you like them to use videos.

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