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Which Game Plays More Defense, Pro Bowl or All Star Game?

Yesterday, we just saw the NBA All Star game. This game featured the top NBA players and also featured a total of 3 minutes worth of defense. The final score of the game was East 163 West 155, that's a total of 318 points the most combined points in the history of the All Star game. Another record was also broken by Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony making the most 3s in All Star game history. Every year how we talk about how this game is 45 minutes of offense and 3 minutes where teams pick up their defense. The question I am presenting today is which game features more defense The NBA All Star game or the NFL Pro Bowl?

The same critiques that the All Star game had the Pro Bowl has been facing for years. A lot of people thought there was no defense played and it was a joke compared to the football we were used to seeing on Sunday's. It got so bad a year ago the NFL was contemplating getting rid of the Pro Bowl. In the last Pro Bowl we did see defense from start to finish for the first time in a while. This was the first year of people actually playing defense so we will see if it's a trend or an admiration.

My thoughts on the question is that as much as the Pro Bowl is a diluted version of the game we are used to seeing the NBA All Star game is a lot worse. Every year in the All Star game the total points reach at least 260. Players will get out of the way when a player is about to dunk and sometimes will let someone dunk to try and show off to the crowd. Just because they play hard on defense for 3-5 minutes shouldn't mean we should excuse it.

Tell me what you think which game features more defense, the NBA All Star game or the NFL Pro Bowl?

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