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Why Are People Walking On Eggshells About Michael Sam?

The biggest news story of this week is that Michael Sam let the media know that he was gay. This is a great story and what everyone is talking about is that how will the locker room react to a gay player. So far the majority of the people saying it will be a problem in the locker room is reporters and analyst who have never been experienced the professional locker room environment.

One part of the story that no one seems to talk about is how come we can't have a real discussion where both sides discuss their beliefs? When the homosexual topic comes up it seems to be a one way street. It's ok to support homosexuals but when someone has an opposite opinion we all condemn them and won't even listen to the other side.

This Michael Sam story is still fresh so the media is now waiting for that someone to say something really bad about the Michael Sam situation. What will happen is that the media will push the story for days and everyone will trash the player for his own personal beliefs. My article is not an anti-gay argument, I support everything Michael Sam is doing. The point that I am trying to make is that it is very hard for people to have a rational discussion with people for and against the homosexual topics.

Matt Birk (former NFL center) is one of the players that's against homosexuality. He states his case in a well behaved manner and he is a perfect candidate of how this topic should be presented. Usually when the negative side comes out, it sounds really bad and there is no defense towards it. The media should not have all this power where they are pressuring players to try and say the "right" thing. In this topic, people will walk on eggshells from this topic because one wrong move could cost them their job. 

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