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Top 3 Super Bowl Commercials of 2014

One major part of the super bowl that people like to watch is the commercials. Companies spend millions and millions of dollars just so they can have a 30 second ad on the super bowl. I have seen a lot of the ads and here is my top 3 (bot in any particular order) super bowl commercials of 2014.

1) The Seinfeld commercial with Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander. For the Seinfeld fans out there after the first half Fox gave us a small sample of the show we loved in the 90's and even 2000's (here it is below)

2) The Tebow T-Mobile commercial. I liked this commercial because it pokes fun at the fact that Tebow doesn't have a contract with the NFL right now. Excluding your feelings towards Tebow you have to admit that the commercial was good. (here it is below).

3) The Hyundai commercial about the dad protecting his son. I liked this commercial because this showed some creativity with having a father protect his son over the years and now a car can protect him. I just thought it was very good. (here it is below)

Tell me what you think of these three commercials that I picked out. Do you agree or disagree? share some of your favorite commercials below.

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