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Tracy McGrady Professional Baseball Player?

Tracy McGrady is making a comeback. No not in basketball, McGrady is attempting to become a professional baseball pitcher. During the Thunder-Nets game Jeff Van Gundy said T-Mac was working out with the Sugar land Skeeters. This was the same team that Roger Clemens played for a couple of years back.

It was reported that McGrady's pitches was clocked at 91 mph. T-Mac has been training for 2 months now and he is also training with Roger Clemens. The Sugar Land Skeeters will probably not be on McGrady's long term plans. Just like Clemens did he will probably look to play for the Skeeters, do well, and try to make a MLB roster.

This came out of left field because T-Mac just retired after the NBA finals when he was with the San Antonio Spurs. T-Mac in the past mentioned in the past that he would like to pursue a baseball career after his basketball career was over. I wish McGrady the best of luck and hopefully he can make a MLB roster.