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Andrew Bynum In "Serious" Talks With The Pacers

Andrew Bynum is reportedly in talks with the Indiana Pacers. Right now Andrew Bynum is probably the best free agent on the market right now. Andrew Bynum has not only talked to the Pacers, he is also in talks with 5 teams that includes the Pacers and the Miami Heat. Although the Heat can offer Bynum a 5 million dollar contract they only seem comfortable with giving Bynum with a veterans minimum contract.

The Pacers can offer a max contract of 2.1 million but that is also unlikely to happen because they are 1.8 million below to luxury tax and if they offer more then the 1.8 million they will have to pay some luxury tax and they don't want to pay over the luxury tax. 

If the Pacers get Bynum this will give them a slightly better chance against the Miami Heat, depending on Bynum's health and attitude. The Heat already have problems with Roy Hibbert and when Hibbert gets into foul trouble or sits on the bench Bynum can fill that void and dominant the Heat on the bench.

Andrew Bynum can be a risk because on one hand he was apart of the back to back championships with Kobe Bryant. The other side is the Bynum that was hurt, not in shape, and the player that was hated by all his teammates.