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Wow Bill Belichick Complaining About Teams Doing Something illegal

Less then a week ago, Bill Belichick took to the media and said that Wes Welker deliberately took out Aqib Talib. What happened on the play was the Broncos was setting up a pick play where Talib is covering Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker was suppose to pick Talib so Thomas could have more room to run. What happened was Welker ran into Talib and Talib got hurt and never came back in the game. 

Why the accusation of Welker doesn't make sense is because first Welker is a small receiver and Talib is much bigger than Welker so why would he have a little receiver try to run through Talib. Secondly Welker this year has gotten 2 concussions this year so why would a player with 2 concussions this year try and put himself in danger and potentially hurt his career.

Bill Belichick sounded petty because this involved Wes Welker, who would be a little outspoken and the Patriots let him go last season. The pettiness that came in was Belichick basically said that was the dirtiest play he has ever seen, Another thing was that he didn't even mention Welker by name he just called him "the receiver". Personally if Welker didn't pick Talib than Bill Belichick probably wont even call out the receiver the next day to the media like he did with Welker.

The ironic thing about the whole thing is that Belichick is accusing someone of doing something illegal considering that he was apart of "spy gate" where the New England Patriots would illegally filmed other teams practices for years and that gave them a competitive advantage. Because the NFL had destroyed the tapes we do not know how far the cheating got, so the irony is now Belichick wants to hold a grudge against Welker and accuse him of doing something illegal when he has being doing illegal things for years.     

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