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The NBA too Finesse? Kobe Thinks So

Kobe Bryant presented us with an interesting thought, is the NBA too finesse? If you really think about it the answer should be a no brainer. To me the answer is of course the NBA is too finesse or soft. Sometimes when we talk about the NBA we talk about or joke about the soft fouls and also the flopping that goes on. The NBA even recognized there was a flopping problem and has started fining players for excessive flopping.

Another point Kobe Bryant talked about was how they call flagrant fouls for minimal contact. Kobe again is dead on about the flagrant foul point. Now when a player is up in the air and a player fouls them, the flagrant foul won't be based on the foul but instead it's based on the fall the players takes. Here is a video that Jeff Van Gundy sums up perfectly.

Now we all should know that the NBA isn't going to change the game from now to what is was in the 80s or 90s when you can just kill a guy on a foul. Back in those days they had the phrase no layups allowed which means if someone went for a layup they would take them out HARD!!!.

Now Kobe just vents on any topic he so pleases, we all love it and we want more of these things from Kobe Bryant.

Tell me what you think, is the NBA getting to finesse (soft)?

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