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Can The Seahawks Win The Superbowl Without The 12th Man?

With the Super Bowl coming up, The question people haven't mentioned is can the Seahawks win without the 12th man? Well this is a good question and not totally unfair because the Seahawks this year has been a tale of two teams playing at home and on the road. At home with the assistance from the 12th the Seattle Seahawks have been virtually unbeatable and we can take the game vs. the Saints.

If we look at the Seahawks on the road the haven't exactly been world beaters, so lets take a look. Week 1 vs. the Carolina Panthers, final score? Seahawks win 12-7. Week 4 vs. the Texans, final score? Seahawks win 23-20 and if you remember that game that's the game where Texans quarterback Matt Schaub threw a bonehead interception that went for the touchdown. Week 5 vs. the Indianapolis Colts, final score? Seahawks lose 28-34. Week 7 vs. the Arizona Cardinals, final score? Seahawk win 34-22. Week 8 vs. the St. Louis Rams, final score Seahawks win 14-9. This is only half the season but I think you get the picture. Although the Seahawks have won most of their road games they did not play as effectively as they did if they were home.

So in the Super Bowl we don't know if it will be a pro Broncos or pro Seahawks crowd but it wont be close to what the 12th man was fir them. If we assume the crowd is neutral, it might be trouble for the Seahawks because Peyton Manning could pick them apart with is pre reads and his Omaha calls. Tell me what you think, can the Seahawks be effective without the 12th man in their corner.

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