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Should The Cowboys Extend Jason Garrett?

After an 8-8 season the New York Jets made news by extending Rex Ryan to a multi-year contract. Before the season started, the consensus about the New York Jets is they are awful and possibly they could be the worst team in the entire NFL. They surprised a lot of people this year by ending up 8-8. After the final game in the locker room the GM and the owner told the team that Rex will return and they all cheered for Rex.

Well the Dallas Cowboys are now in the same situation with their head coach Jason Garrett. Jason Garrett just liked Rex Ryan coached their respected teams to an 8-8 record. The difference between the two is the expectations for both teams. Expectations for the Jets were they are really bad and the expectations for the Cowboys was that they should at least make the playoffs. So with Jason Garrett having one year left on his contract, should the Cowboys give Jason Garrett an extension? although this may be different from pubic opinion, I think Jason Garrett does deserve to have a contract extension and here's why.

Jason Garrett has the respect of the locker room and they have not quit on him so far. When a team has given up on a coach you would see it in the final score. Most likely there will be more blowout games like we seen with the Washington Redskins this past season.

This season for the Cowboys they suffered a lot of injuries coming from their key players on offense, defense, and special teams. They even lost Tony Romo for the final game of the season in a win or go home game.

Jerry Jones (owner of the Dallas Cowboys) has been in full support of Jason Garrett and believes that Jason has what it takes to win the super bowl. So support of the players and ownership could be cause to give him an extension.

You can have the argument that because the Dallas Cowboys have been an 8-8 team for the past couple of years that you should let Jason coach out his final year. Its a fir argument to make but if the players and management believes in the coach they should keep him. Also in a sport where the wrong formation or a bounce of a ball could determine a game that should not determine whether or not that coach deserves to stay.

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