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Doug Baldwin vs. Cris Carter Who Ya Got.

After the Seattle Seahawks-San Francisco 49ers game Richard Sherman wasn't the only person that we should examine their post game quote. Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin said this in his interview right after the game, here is what he said. "I respect Keyshawn Johnson and Cris Carter for what they did on the football field, um but they talked a lot of s_ _ _ excuse my language about the wide receivers out here today. We made the best of it. We weren't the main course but we some good appetizers".

Cris Carter was on ESPN's Mike and Mike and gave his comments about Baldwin's interview. "Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin were suppose to be the 3rd and 4th guy in the lineup with Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin both being out. These guys are not suppose to be the main course, their suppose to be the appetizer". Also he said "the reason why they gave Percy Harvin all that money is because they didn't think Doug Baldwin could make no plays, you want to keep it real" and ended with "Google me see if I ain't in the Hall of Fame".         

After hearing both sides I would be on the Cris Carter camp. Baldwin even admitted that the receivers they had yesterday wasn't the main course. If everyone was healthy Baldwin would be the 3rd receiver at best. If we were grading this like if it were a rap battle then you would say clearly Cris Carter took round one saying "the reason why they gave Percy Harvin all that money is because they didn't think Doug Baldwin could make no plays". You may agree or disagree with me but I'm just telling you my opinion, tell me what you think below.

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