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Jean Pascal vs. Lucian Bute results and what's next

On Saturday night Jean Pascal called his fight with Lucian Bute the Canadian Mayweather-Pacquaio and the super bowl put together. This fight took place in Montreal Quebec Canada and based on the entrances of both fighters it seems more of a pro Bute crowd. This fight has big implications for the winner and here is how the fight took place.

In the first three rounds both fighters were not all that active just feeling each other out and Jean Pascal won the first three rounds of the fight. In the 4th round both fighters were more active but Jean Pascal was the more active fighter and hit Bute with more clean shots. 5th and 6th round was sort of similar to the 4th round but again Bute is hesitant not throwing punches and Pascal took those rounds again. Also in the 6th, Pascal threw some heavy shots to the body on Bute.

7th round is more of the same, Bute hit Pascal with a good combination but was less active. Pascal is still doing what he is doing throwing more punches and effectively hitting Bute with the harder shots. Pascal had been working with Roy Jones Jr. in his training camp preparing for Bute and it seems to have helped him a lot.

In the 8th it was more Bute in the first half of the round but Pascal took over in the second half of the round throwing ferocious shot and appeared to have knocked Bute down but its was just a slip. Pascal is dominating through 9 rounds, Pascal is still throwing very  hard punches. Bute in the 9th round continues to be hesitant even when Pascal moved to the corner of the ring Bute did nothing.

In the 10th round Pascal wins the round but Pascal clowns Bute by looking away from Bute and still hitting him and being the more active fighter. He did that multiple times. Pascal clearly won the round but this was probably Bute's best round. The 11th round Pascal played possum by letting Bute hit him and pretended to be hurt and when the time was right he pounced and charged at Bute Possibly ruining Bute's first winning round. The last round Pascal stays in the corner and let Bute hit Pascal with multiple right hooks to the head. Pascal is clearly giving the crowd a good final round and giving Bute a chance. This could have been a major upset, we haven't seen a big 12th round like this since Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. vs. Sergio Martinez.

Jean Pascal called this fight the Canadian super bowl but this fight was more the Canadian Malignaggi-Judah fight minus the 12th round. By beating Bute Pascal can now have a mega fight with fellow Canadian Adonis Stevenson. Bute with his heroic 12th round can and is now making the case for a rematch with Pascal.