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Lance Stephenson An All Star?

With the All-Star game just around the corner the question is who is going to be on the team. The question here today is will Lance Stephenson make it on the eastern conference all-star team? It's obvious that Lance Stephenson wont be a starter because the fans vote on the starting line up but I think that lance Stephenson deserves to make the All-Star team and here is why.

First off the Indiana Pacers has the best record in the league and the best teams usually have multiple all stars. If we look at the potential fan voting starting 5 I would be LeBron James Carmelo Anthony, Paul George, Dwayne Wade, and Kyrie Irving. This year for everyone that has paid attention to the eastern conference in the NBA, they know its awful so it would be hard to send players on losing teams but they might have to Lance also sent out an all star video campaign (which i will show below). 

So to finally answer the question I presented, is Lance Stephenson an all star? I say yes because he has grown a lot as a player and has had a big impact on the Indiana Pacers. He leads the league in triple-doubles, is 2nd on the team in scoring and is 1st on the team in assist. It really isn't a hard decision because the lack of good teams in the eastern conference. It would be very difficult to reward players when their team isn't in the playoffs right now, when there is only 4 teams over .500 and 2 of those teams are over.500 by one game.

Lance Stephenson may be a crazy guy but with his play this year he deserves to be on the All-Star team.

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