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Stephen A. Smith Just Showed Us What's Wrong With New Sports Journalism

Today on ESPN 2's show First Take, Stephen A. Smith just showed us what is wrong with the new sports journalism. What Stephen A. did was when he talked about there might have been a chance that LeBron James might go back to Cleveland. Here is a direct quote of what he said on First Take. "It's possible, LeBron is not talking about it. I haven't spoken to LeBron or anybody close to him that has told me these things. These are things I'm hearing from other folks but I trust the other folks and I'm telling you right now there's a better than 50-50, not better but its a 50-50 shot that LeBron James will end up back in Cleveland" (video shown below fast forward to 1:40 mark on the video)

This quote does two things for Stephen A. 1) this makes him the first one to say this and 2) it gives him an out in case he is wrong by saying there's a 50-50. Saying it is a 50% chance of something happening isn't breaking news, why wont you just go out on a limb and say there a 50-50 chance LeBron could play for the Toronto Raptors or play in China next season.

The other part of the quote by Stephen A that should make people question this is the part where he says I haven't spoken to LeBron or anybody close to him but he's hearing it from other folks. What does that even mean? What is means is he could have talked to anyone and if they told him he could use the phrase "sources say" to justify their argument. 

This new journalism where you race to see who breaks news first can sort of be blamed by ESPN. In ESPN's platforms hypothetically if we were talking about the NFL, what ESPN does is if one of their employees like Chris Mortensen or Adam Schefter break news it's "ESPN's Adam Schefter is breaking news on (fill in the blank). When someone else breaks NFL news outside of ESPN like say Peter King, ESPN won't acknowledge who broke the news but instead let's Adam Schefter break the news but just say sources told me (fill in the blank). This is also true for Other NFL websites like or gives acknowledgement to the ESPN guys if they break news first but ESPN doesn't do the same. Dan Patrick has sort of a run on joke where he said he should throw a party and Adam Schefter would go sources say Dan Patrick is having a party.

Also something about the news sports media is people can now be wrong 100 times and get a couple things right and it's ok. When someone gets things wrong there isn't must outrage, I guess were numb to it because were used to people getting things wrong but we should hold these people accountable. 

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