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The Overreaction With J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith has gotten himself into a bit of a controversy as of late. This time what he did was during a game vs. the Mavs when a player was shooting a free throw J.R. Smith untied Shawn Marion's shoelaces. The Next night against the Pistons when a player was shooting a free throw, a fan shouted out untie his shoes and J.R. playfully tried to untie his sneakers.

The result of all these untying of the sneakers? a $50,000 fine by the NBA. Yes $50,000 for untying someone's sneakers. The reaction from the sports media was come on J.R. your team is losing you shouldn't be doing this type of stuff. Other reactions from guys like Tony Kornheiser and Charles Barkley was 50,000 wasn't enough because he's such a knucklehead.  

Yes everybody who knows anything about J.R. Smith knows he can be a dope or an idiot but if this were any other guy on a winning team this would be considered a "cute" or funny story but since the Knicks have a well below .500 record we want to kill the guy. By doing this he did help out his team even if it was just for 1 possession.

Because of all this Mike Woodson benched Smith in yesterdays game vs. Miami. The Knicks have also looked to see if there was any trade interest regarding J.R. Smith. Kenyon Martin (one of Smith's teammates) said the media took this and ran it out of proportion and he is absolutely right.