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Adrien Broner uses his rematch option against Maidana

Yesterday Adrien Broner took to twitter and said he wanted a rematch to avenge his loss against Marcos Maidana. Well today according to Richard Schaefer Broner exercised his rematch option and they will fight some time in April. The Venue of the fight will be between the Stubhub center in California or will be in the Alamo dome in San Antonio.

Marcos Maidana after beat Adrien Broner for 12 rounds had expressed interest in fighting Floyd Mayweather. Marcos could have publicly influenced his way into the Floyd Mayweather Sweepstakes if he would have just said something like hey I just beat lil bro's down now its time for big bro, that might have gotten himself a fight with Floyd.

This should be more about Maidana but it seems like its all about the return of Broner and whether or not he can comeback instead of Can Maidana make that step into the top fighter.

When the original fight was suppose to take place in December it was suppose to be a PPV fight but was changed to be aired on Showtime. The rematch will be aired on Showtime instead of being on PPV. This might be because Broner has tried to use the Mayweather blueprint and have people that wants him to win and people that just wants him to lose, Broner on the other hand just has people that wants him to lose and they saw that on December.

To be honest this fight will either make Adrien Broner a boxer that could be one of the best or it could make Adrien Broner into a regular guy like it did with Andre Berto. Al Haymon has had the blueprint on making fighters into title contenders or champions by having them fight lower level opposition while getting paid like they are fighting higher level opposition. Adrien Broner decided to choose his opponent by selecting Maidana they failed and he is selecting him again. Lets see how the fight goes, it should not disappoint.