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Is Andy Dalton The Future For the Cincinnati Bengals?

Yesterday on the last day of wild card weekend for the NFL the Cincinnati Bengals once again lost in the playoffs, this time to the San Diego Chargers. This game was Fairly competitive but after the first half Andy Dalton had some costly turnovers and ultimately lost the game for the Bengals (first home loss for the Bengals this season).

The question coming out of this game won't be how good the chargers were it's going to be is Andy Dalton the franchise quarterback for the Bengals? The most common answer you will hear is he is not a franchise quarterback. Although they might be right here is a reason why they should keep Dalton as their quarterback at least for next season.

Andy Dalton is not a terrible quarterback, he is an above average quarterback and a lot of teams would go after him if he were on the free agent market. But why the Bengals should keep him is not about his skillset, it's more about the money he is making because he is still on his rookie contract. His deal expires in 2015 and if I were the Bengals I would keep him and make him prove to me he is a franchise quarterback.

With the NFL now having a rookie wage scale, a lot of teams can use the same strategy I presented, instead of paying top money you can have a good quarterback on the cheap if you draft a quarterback.