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Blake Griffin for Carmelo Anthony deal could make Clippers title contenders.

The latest NBA trade rumor is that the Los Angeles Clippers and the New York Knicks have talked about a deal that would swap star players such as Blake Griffin and Carmelo Anthony. If the deal does happen it would be one of the biggest trades in a while because it involved 2 high profile basketball players. This deal would be a good trade for both teams but would make the Clippers instant title contenders.

Lets take a look at the potential Clippers starting lineup if the deal does happen. Center Deandre Jordan, Power Forward Carmelo Anthony, Small Forward Jared Dudley/Matt Barnes, Shooting Guard J.J Redick, Point guard Chris Paul. Without the deal the only playmakers that can score on their own is Chris Paul and Jamal Crawford, adding Melo would be huge to the Clippers.

Carmelo Anthony was considered as a top 10 player and one of the leagues top scorers but now since the Knicks have been terrible this year people seem to have forgotten that. Maybe a change in scenery will give people a chance to see just how good Carmelo really is.