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Gasol for Bynum Deal Works For Both Teams

The Lakers and the Cavs are talking with each other about a deal that would involve a Andrew Bynum-Pau Gasol swap. Recently Kyrie Irving went down with a knee injury the Cavs have put the trade on hold. Both teams as of right now are on the outside looking in of the playoffs and here is why this deal would work for both teams.
For the Cavaliers this deal makes sense (assuming Kyrie Irving is healthy) because Pau Gasol is still an above average big man and since the Cavs are on the east, so with the addition of Gasol could bring them into the playoffs in the awful Eastern Conference.
For the Lakers this deal makes sense if you want the Lakers to tank the season. For most people it would be smart for the Lakers to tank the season and try to get a high pick in the NBA draft this year.
Another reason why this makes sense because the reason why the Lakers want Andrew Bynum is he's doesn't have the desire to play and the point of getting him is to waive him as soon as they get him. With Waiving Bynum the Lakers will save 20 million dollars.
This deal might not work because the Cavs are shopping Bynum's contract to teams that might want to save money by waiving Bynum like maybe the Bulls. After Bynum signed with the Cavs people thought it was a mistake but now it might be a good move by trading a good asset like Bynum's contact.