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Michael Vick wants to start in 2014, so where could he play?

Michael Vick has said he wants to start for a team in 2014. Michael Vick still has enough in the tank to be an effective starter in the league. Vick also said that he would not object to being a backup to Nick Foles with the Eagles. So here are some teams Vick could start for in 2014.

New York Jets The New York Jets depending on how they feel about Geno Smith could potentially start for the Jets. He would also be reunited with his former offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who was with him in Philadelphia. The negative side is the Jets don't have any quality receivers but that could change because the Jets have a lot of cap space available to them.

Arizona Cardinals This team in 2013 was the best team that did not make the playoffs. Their quarterback is Carson Palmer who is an ok quarterback. This Team is a good quarterback from being the team outside looking in to a powerhouse team in the NFC. Vick could be a big improvement over Palmer and could cause a threat with his legs that would ease the coverage on Larry Fitzgerald.

Oakland Raiders Michael Vick should think this team is a break glass in case of emergency, meaning if this is the only starting quarterback option he has than he might do it. Other than that he should not be looking at the Raiders in any way.

Cleveland Browns Cleveland is one of many teams that thinks with a good quarterback can be a playoff team. They might not be interested in Vick depending on the health of Hoyer but if they are Vick can make this team better. The negative side on this is they do not have a head coach right now, and their running situation is not pretty right now.

Houston Texans The Texans this year had the same talent that people thought could be a threat in the AFC but instead is the worst team in the league. their current quarterback Matt Schaub is a game manager that cant carry a team on his back. Michael Vick can be a tremendous upgrade over Schaub and with this team having a great run game, great receiver, and a good defense Vick could come in a bring this team back.

Jacksonville Jaguars This is a step up from the Raiders situation. They have some talent but not an option that should be on Michael Vicks radar.

Minnesota Vikings The only attractive piece that the Vikings have is Adrian Peterson. The offensive overall is not that great, and the defense is not all that great. So the Vikings might not be the opportunity that Vick is looking for.

So to Rank the job opportunities I would go 1) Arizona Cardinals 2) New York Jets 3) Houston Texans 4) Cleveland Browns and other than those jobs he should stay a backup in Philadelphia.