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The Sports Media's Over Sensitivity Over Any Racial Issue

Right now the sports media has gone out of control with all of these racial stories. First we had the Jonathan Martin scandal with Richie Incognito. This story was just a local sports issue in Miami until a voice mail was discovered and it had the N-word used in the voicemail. After hearing that the N-word was used this turned into a national story carried by ESPN and even crossed over to CNN.

This past week we also had racial stories involving Clippers Forward Matt Barnes and Patriots Tight end Rob Gronkowski. Rob Gronkowski's story was that he was at a charity event and during a particular period of time he was with an Asian male and said he can't dance but could cook fried rice, and also called him Leslie chow (for those who cont know he was the Asian man in the hangover). I know this story because I am an Asian American and I also live in the Boston area. I think the sports media and other media outlets are too sensitive when it comes to these situations. My friends and I joke around with each other and use racial jokes against each other and it's all in fun. But with the media it's never fun it's always serious and we should always condemn these athletes.

Just a couple days ago we had a situation with Matt Barnes where he defended his teammate got kicked out of the game and during the game tweeted "he's done defending these N-words. After the game as usual the media picked up a race story and ran with it to make it the biggest news story of the day. Michael Wilbon and Charles Barkley had it right when they said this was sort of a non issue. Michael Wilbon and Charles Barkley both said that they had used the N-word every day and people could not tell them what and what they cannot say. (The video will be posted below)

These stories are big stories because we let the media make this a big story. Most of us that have issues with this aren't in these NBA or NFL locker rooms we don't know what goes on inside it. Charles Barkley said its racist sexist vulgar and he misses it. When talking about the Richie Incognito story the people inside different NFL locker rooms really weren't all that upset about it because that is sort of the NFL culture and this is what they do. SO some advice to all the sports media salivating when a racial issue comes up in sports, PLEASE STOP BEING SO DAMN SENSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!