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Miguel Cotto-the biggest winner in the Boxing Cold war.

Since Floyd Mayweather signed with Showtime, HBO/Top Rank and Golden Boy/Showtime have refused to have their fighters fight with the other network/promotion. Well even with no potential fights such as GGG vs. Mayweather, Bernard Hopkins vs. Stevenson, or Mikey Garcia vs. Abner Mares there has been a clear cut winner in the whole situation. Miguel Cotto.

Miguel Cotto right now is sitting pretty with 2 potential mega fights in the palm of his hands. On one hand he could fight Sergio Martinez for the middleweight title and earn another world title. On the other hand he could fight one of Mexico's rising stars in Canelo Alvarez. Golden Boy promotions have already offered Miguel Cotto over 10 million dollars plus additional Pay-Per-View to fight Canelo.

The reason Miguel Cotto can fight for both HBO and Showtime because he is a promotional free agent and isn't tied to no one. So now he can just jump to different networks and have mega-fights. Other fighters might see the potential success that Miguel Cotto might face and they might decide they might be a promotional free agent as well but only fighters with star power and fighters that can generate a lot of fans.

To me, Miguel Cotto should face Sergio Martinez beat him and then try and fight Canelo. The only problem with that is to decline the 8 figure purse for the fight, that is very hard to do and not that many fighters even get offered 8 figures.

So let's see what happens to Miguel Cotto. He should announce his next fight anyti