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Sports media with the Monday morning quarterback analysis

As you all know by now the Richie Incognito and Johnathan Martin Bullying scandal has taken over the sports news cycle and even making its way to national news media such as CNN. For those who don't know the details of this story, Richie Incognito has been bullying Jonathan Martin for over a year. The details of the bullying comes from racist and intimidating text and voicemails, also Incognito has been forcing Martin to pay for other things like a trip to Vegas.

Although this is a big story, the bigger story is that a lot of the sports media and NFL players have been blaming Martin for not being tough enough and standing up for himself. The Miami Dolphin players seem to have taken the side of Incognito saying that he was a good teammate and saying he wasn't a racist.   

I am shocked by how the former players and coaches are reacting to the situation. Mike Ditka had a response by saying that he should have punched Incognito. To all those people who are saying he should have hit him and that would have stopped the situation you are misinformed. Martin was grew up in a good home and was raised by 2 Harvard graduate lawylers, he went to Stanford and because he was a smart sheltered person in the NFL world that is a sign of weakness. To fight Incognito would be out of Martins character and bring himself all the way down to the level of Incognito which is very low.

Everybody seems to be an expert when they have all the answers. The Monday morning quarterback mentality of the sports media is incredible. They could give good answers on what they think they would do when they have most of the details available to them. There have been those who have been criticizing the head coach Joe Phibin for not having control of the locker room.

Tony Dungy was on the Dan Patrick show and he said that hazing didn't happen because he didn't allow it to happen. Well because of the interview now Philbin doesn't have control of the Locker room. No one seems to be talking about how Philbin has been visiting Martin in the hospital and even flying his family out to see him. Philbin is a man of high character and this has been confirmed by a lot of people but people don't see that, they see conflict in the locker room. The sports media is like a bunch of sharks, once they smell blood they want to go for the kill.