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UFC releases Yushin Okami

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Earlier today Middleweight fighter Yushin Okami has been released by the UFC. This is a bit surprising because Yushin was coming off a 3 fight win streak before he lost to Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza.
The UFC seems to be sending out a message that they will release "boring fighters" meaning that the fighters that have boring styles like wrestling and leaning opponents on the cage will not get the benefit of the doubt.
This will not be good news for fighters that have that type of style. We saw it happened to Jon Fitch, where he was a top 5 welterweight and after 2 bad fights he got released. Fitch's style is not that exciting, he is a fighter that takes you to the ground and makes you stay on the ground.
If I were to guess I would think that the next person the UFC will release due to their style is Jake Shields (assuming he losses to Demian Maia