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Skip Bayless, maybe the most misunderstood person in sports media

Last Friday, Washington Post columnist Rick Maese wrote the article "Skip Bayless, ESPN2 "First Take" co-host, may be the most hated man in sports". What this article talks about is the different sides to Skip Bayless and how is not the person that you see on ESPN 2. For people who don't know Skip Bayless such as myself he is portrayed as a crazy person who puts out contrarian opinions just to argue and is famous now because of it.

After reading this article I might have changed my tune on Skip Bayless. The takeaways you take from this article is he is very dedicated to his job, had a rough childhood and has found someone that loves him for him. He has had run ins with professional athletes on the air like Terrell Suggs for example. Terrell Suggs has been on Skip's show multiple times and had a famous run in where Suggs called Skip a D-Bag. (video will be shown below) but he did have a quote in this article "He knows more about sports and people than he leads on" and "He kind of has to play that person on TV — 'I have to be the villain.' But actually, he's a pretty awesome person."

For those who haven't read the article I would highly recommend this to anyone watching. I'm sure if you had a negative thought when you hear Skip Bayless you too will have a change of heart.

(link to the washinton post article)