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Takeaways after week 1

Here are my takeaways on week 1 of the NFL season

1) The Denver Broncos will gas out defenses when teams come to Denver. The broncos on opening day of the NFL just wiped out the Ravens. If you were watching the pregame you would see Shaun Phillips (Broncos linebacker) using the oxygen tank. in Denver the home team was using oxygen before the game, in Peyton's no huddle offense they will gas teams out and wil be very dangerous.
2) The team in the lead of the Teddy Bridgewater hunt is the Jacksonville Jaguars. In the 1st week of the season they scored 2 points against the Chiefs. There is no need for in depth analysis they scored 2 points.
3) This year might be the year Dallas takes it all. Before I go on I must admit that I am a die-hard cowboys fan so I might be a giant homer on this one. After watching the sunday night game vs. the Giants, the Cowboys defense really showed up and got 6 turnover over the Giants. The Cowboys held their own on offense until Romo got sandwiched between 2 defenders and bruised his ribs. After the game I really thought after all the years of hype they can prove themselves and win the super bowl.