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The aftermath of the opening game


Last night we finally had football back in our lives. Although we had to have a long wait because of thunderstorms and the delay from the Ravens but we still have football. 
The start of the game was really slow. Only the Ravens had scored in the 1st quarter and it was a touchdown. second quarter they started to pick up the pace as Peyton Manning went to his no huddle offense and Julius Thomas (tight end) redeemed himself for the drop he had on the 1st throw. In the second quarter he got 2 touchdowns 1 from 24 yards and another from 23 yards. At the end of the Half the Ravens were up 3 points
One main topic for the Ravens in the 1st half was the injuries they had from teammates running into each other. The only with Jacoby Jones was the teammates fault because he wasn't paying attention. The one to Michael Oher probably could not have been stopped because a teammate fell on him.
3rd quarter was all Broncos, Peyton had 3 touchdown passes and was gassing out the defense after Joe Flacco's 3 and outs. In the 4th quarter the Broncos took the foot off the gas and tried to run out the clock. This gave the Ravens a little hope and they made a run of their own but ultimately failed and got blown out 49-27.
The Thoughts coming out of this game were WOW the Broncos look tough this year. they have a lot of weapons and the emergence of Julius Thomas makes them even better. Their Defense held their own even without Champ Bailey and Von Miller.
From the Ravens standpoint you have to think they might not even make the playoffs.  Even though it is the 1st game you have to worry about the Ravens. Another thing to think about is does Joe Flacco deserve that money he got in the offseason? he was 34 out of 62 2 TD's and 2 INT's. That doesn't scream franchise QB. with Jacoby Jones coming down they might need another weapon, maybe Terrell Owens could help them out but it wont happen.